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Established in 2000, COMSTATION, LTD. is a specialist provider of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) for the United Kingdom end-user market.



CCTV is very quickly becoming an integral part of crime control policy, social control theory and 'Community consciousness'. It is promoted by police and politicians as primary solution for urban dysfunction. It is easy to see that the technology has had more of an impact on the evolution of law enforcement policy than just about any technology initiative in the past two decades.

London's cctv cameras are everywhere.

CCTV cameras are creating a vastly increased rate of conviction after crimes are detected. Virtually everyone caught on camera pleads guilty nowadays. Once people know they have been videotaped, they admit the offence immediately. And there have been some reports that people are surrendering at the mere mention in newspaper that their alleged activities had been

  1. HOMEOWNERS - Identify who is at the door, monitor pathways, gardens, sheds and garages.Check on the baby or the baby-sitter and even check the house when away on Holidays. But most importantly to provide an effective deterrent against would be burglars and vandals.
  2. SMALL BUSINESS - Prevent or identify shoplifters. And with employee theft is on the increase, sadly it has become necessary to monitor both employees and customers.
  3. INDUSTRY & RESEARCH - Monitor processes as well as maintaining security surveillance. Education and Government can keep an eye on trouble spots as well as increasing security and preventing crime.

Are you connected?

With some CCTV Security, remote computers can: Dial in or access over a local area network (LAN) or even across the Internet. Now you can control and observe your cameras live, almost anywhere in the world...

With the recent advent of 3G telecommunications, it won't be long before it is possible to check-in remotely with surveillance equipment right from your own handset Globally !!! 


COMSTATION is a provider of Total CCTV Security as we are able to design, supply, rent, install, service and remotely monitor your CCTV equipment.

  • Large range of CCTV equipment
  • Expert system design based upon the experience
  • A choice of purchasing or Short & long-term rental plan
  • Product demonstration and evaluation
  •  Both overt and covert cameras
  • Both analogue and digital video recording systems
  • Remote video transmission systems and central monitoring
  • Networking of CCTV systems
  • Interfacing of cameras and cash registers
  • Installation of equipment by "in house" qualified CCTV personnel
  • Video duplication and photo printing for both analogue and digital CCTV systems

Our Products

Years of dedication and development and with over 8 years of experience which allows COMSTATION to provide not only a vast range of equipment, but most importantly, the resources to offer a complete and integrated solution.



There are many CCTV cameras available on the market today. Ranging from large external units with Pan, Zoom and Tilt functions to some of the smallest convert cameras that can be 'Hidden' almost anywhere!



COMSTATION can supply and fit a wide range of monitor equipment on this is listed a small range of devices. For more infomation or to find out about our other devices, please contact us.

Recording Units


Of course you have your CCTV camers fitted and a nice monitor on which to veiw the output but, what if something happens while your away? The Answer is to record one or all of the video feeds.



Common operations of the Dedicated Micro's DM2 DVR Unit.

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